Robotic Process Automation

The Revolution is Automated.

Robotic Process Automation, or ‘RPA’, is the automation of routine, rule-based business processes and tasks using a programmable, computer-based ‘robot’. This enables businesses to devote more time to serving customers, generating new work, or other higher-value tasks.

RPA scenarios range from simple processes like filing attachments and generating automatic responses to emails, through to the deployment of thousands of bots, each developed to automate specific jobs in an ERP system.

In our experience, we’ve found that different industries and organisations share very similar functions such as HR & payroll, sales & operations, data extraction & analysis, and administration tasks. Based on this set of common requirements, we have developed a set of rapidly deployable Robotic Process Automation scripts that can be configured to specific requirements. This allows companies to process faster, reduce errors, and shorten deadlines.

With this in mind, it is evident that RPA is a necessary consideration in all businesses looking to the future.

Alderton & Company’s first official digital employee is Ace Alderbot whose main purpose is to carry out all keystrokes, checking, reporting, and processes that a regular employee does but with no risk of mistakes and no breaks or time off.

This kind of devotion to a project or a task enables businesses to dedicate their physical team’s efforts to higher-value tasks.Ace is not only able to carry out tasks for us but our clients as well. Contact us to find out more about our Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS) service – it could be just the solution you’re looking for to streamline your business.

Key Outcomes

Automate High Volume & Repetitive Tasks
Reduce Back-Office Effort
Improve Customer Service
Reduce Risk
Improve Quality
Streamlined Systems

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